The news of this sad incident caused many people to react to seek justice for the old woman, which is prudent. For this reason, I decided to share my thoughts about the whole incident as a patriot, knowing very well that it isn’t the first time and it probably wouldn’t be the last. Growing up in the village I have heard stories of such barbaric incidents and in some cases have witnessed the harassment of older folks declared to be possessed by their own kinsmen. Sometimes these old people themselves also speak out in a form of confession the evil things they do in secret. Wild things Under normal circumstances, the news of such incidents stays within the communities but thank God for Technology, now it’s made it possible for such news to travel beyond its borders. To the much younger folks it may look like something new, but hey! This is not new at all, it has been with us for centuries and we are very much aware of it no matter how we pretend.

My worry as a humanitarian is, what could motivate human beings to confidently lynch their fellow human being without feeling any remorse? This is where I want us to look at it from instead of just calling for the head of the perpetrators which to me are not to be blamed. I have had the opportunity to experience two great religions in my life, the first is the traditional religion and the Christian religion and I can confidently say religion plays a big role in how people behave. For instance, the barbaric act we all saw and are now condemning was based on a religious belief. If indeed we are concerned as a nation then we must look at it from this angle, the perpetrators were motivated by their religious belief too; Its disgusting but nonetheless a belief. It’s an expression of their own faith. A faith that has damaged the mind to the extent that one human has lost all fear, remorse, respect, compassion, and conscience for brother, sister, family, elderly. The fabric of love and society and now feels at ease to kill a fellow human being right in the center of town, in broad daylight, surrounded by people, watching on and clapping their hands at the act! Unfortunately, our Traditional religion is not properly documented for the younger generation to be able to quote, research, or track down the origins of such incidents, in many communities, it’s considered a taboo to even investigate traditional customs with modern-day technology and scientific analogies just to cover up gruesome atrocities. but we are aware of the practice and we can’t run away from it.

Fortunately, the Christain religion is well documented hence I can boldly quote from the scriptures to prove my point, and I will like to base my argument on the Scriptures in the following verses; Leviticus 20: 27 and it reads, A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them. Check also Exodus 22: 18, and it reads, Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. I believe with these two verses we can boldly conclude that such barbaric acts against ourselves are being motivated by religion. We would have similar teachings in the Quran too if our Muslim Brothers can testify. My concern is as we seek justice for the old woman, who is to be blamed for the act? The perpetrators for practicing their belief as told them by the Scriptures considered to be Holy and wise? Who would have done this if not motivated by teaching or belief? From a patriotic point of view, I think the world is advancing rapidly and we can’t continue to be hypocrites in dealing with some of these things and its time for us to hold the Bull by the horn. Many of the atrocities in our world is being motivated by religion because the greater part of the human race are religious and we kept supporting and defending our various religious beliefs at the detriment of ourselves and until we come out from our different religious bottles and begin to have an open mind we shall keep killing ourselves and be blaming it on the Devil. For me, I think those involved in the act are not to blame, but the religious beliefs that motivated them to commit such barbaric acts to be condemned and scraped off if only we can be bold enough.

The minds of the perpetrators have been corrupted and damaged by their religious beliefs and practices, hence they need not be held responsible for the act. But we should sit up as a people and revisit some of these religious beliefs and quickly do some amendment to the once that are not humane. This is the time and we should remember that none of us is safe and so the earlier we act the better it shall be for us and the generations to come. May the souls of all those who died through such barbaric exercises rest in peace and may we see the wisdom in this article instead of hatred. Just so you know, Let me state it clearly here that, I am not against religion but I am against some religious belief.

Let me state it clearly here that, I am not against religion but I am against some religious beliefs, contradictions, and practices that serve as contributing factors to many of the atrocities in our world today. Lovely day to you all as we go about our businesses today

~ Ghana man


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